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Safeguard Your Pet’s Well-Being

Contain-A-Pet Electronic Fence safeguards your pet so he can run free and live a happy life. Our proven, vet-recommended method is much more than just an electronic fence for dogs: it’s a personalized system that works with dogs and cats and any household, whatever your needs may be. Created by pet behaviorists and managed by professional dog trainers, Contain-A-Pet works to train your pet so he can safely enjoy his new freedom. Dog trainers combine the knowledge and experience of our team of researchers and pet behaviorist specialists to create a unique solution for each customer. That’s where you come in: by simply answering a few questions about your pet, your household and your goals, you can help us customize a solution for your particular needs.

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Happy Pet. Happy Household

We know you love your pet. That’s why you do everything you can to ensure a happy, safe life for him. Want to know what makes him really happy, besides winning praise from you, of course? Playing outdoors and running free. If you have a yard, the best thing you can do for your pet is to let him roam free to enjoy his little world. In fact, allowing your pet to play in the yard will not only make a happy pet, it will make you happy too. After all, isn’t that why you have a pet?

Protect Your Pet From Danger

No dog or cat likes to be cooped up indoors or on a leash all the time. Pets who can run and play outdoors are happier, healthier, and more fun overall. But if you’re like most pet owners, you worry about his or her safety. You fear what’s waiting out there beyond the boundaries of your yard…and with good reason. The minute your dog or cat steps off your property, he’s vulnerable to vehicle traffic. He’s also likely to run away and get lost. Fear of having a pet get run over is the number one reason pet owners don’t let their pets out unless he’s on a leash. Fear of having a pet run away and get lost is the number two reason.

Now imagine you and your family enjoying your yard with your pet, free from worry about the dangers lurking for your pet beyond your own property.

Contain-A-Pet Can Help Protect Your Pet

Contain-A-Pet can help you achieve this with electronic pet fencing tailored just for you and your pet. With Contain-A-Pet you get a safe, proven method for keeping your pet within the boundaries you choose, so you don’t have to worry while he’s out there enjoying his world. Want to know more about how it works?

Call or email us for a free estimate and we’ll be happy to have one of our pet professionals speak with you.

Customized Solutions For Your and Your Pet

What makes Contain-A-Pet electronic fencing so effective is that you’re not just buying an electronic fence. You’re purchasing a complete, personalized system that works with your specific goals within your specific environment to create a solution that’s perfect for your pet and your family. Here’s what you get:

  • You get a 1-year Money Back Containment Guarantee
  • You get a training program that’s designed by professional dog trainers
  • You get a customized program based on scientifically proven pet behaviorist techniques
  • You get a Limited Lifetime Warranty on Electronics
  • You get a product that’s proudly Made in the U.S.A.

Contain-A-Pet isn’t just a fence: it’s a whole new way of life for your pet. We train your pet to learn about his or her new boundaries, not to simply avoid them. There are visual cues and other behavior techniques our professional trainers have developed for the Contain-a-Pet system. As you can see, this is a company run by dog professionals who care about your pet’s well-being. Have questions? You can call us any time. We’ll guide you through the steps that lead to total freedom and happiness for your pet. We’ll explain what’s involved in set-up, training for your pet, and ongoing care. Our trainers have experience dating back to the 1980s…not just combined decades of experience but real experience going back almost 30 years. They are true Pet Professionals.

But these professionals can only put their experience to work if they’re able to talk to you. They’ll ask questions in order to determine the perfect solution for your electric dog fence, your pet’s training program, and your method of ongoing care for your customized system. They absolutely love to talk to pet owners about Contain-A-Pet because they know it’s the only pet fence system that offers everything in one package, from the fence itself to the training system to the top notch customer service that’s provided every step of the way.

One Size Does Not Fit All- Call For a Customized Quote That’s Just For Your Pet’s Needs

This is not a one-size-fits-all product. Don’t think for one minute that you can buy an electronic dog fence on the internet, install it yourself and get the results you would with Contain-A-Pet. Here’s why…

  1. There are different collars for different pets.
  2. There are different training methods, depending on your individual needs and of course your pet.
  3. We can work with all kinds of pets, not just dogs. Contain-A-Pet even works on cats!
  4. There are different follow-up methods for ensuring your pet stays trained.
  5. There are various correction levels to program- our professionals will work with you to find the one for your pet.
  6. Follow-up support is tailored for you- stay in touch with us after installation and initial training so you can ask questions any time.

What’s Holding You Back? Listen to What Others Have to Say

Not sure Contain-A-Pet is for you? You can call or email and we’ll walk you through any reservations you may have. That’s how confident we are in our product. From years of experience, our professionals know what they’re doing. But you don’t have to take it from us: just listen to what satisfied pet owners have to say about Contain-A-Pet.

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